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(Oct. 17, 2013) - Update and Tumblr

Sorry for no updates. Basically all my activity is done elsewhere, until I find the time or person to remake this website properly. There are no comments now, due to massive influx of spam and I get most feedback from Twitter/Facebook anyway. Just be assured I am always working.

So yeah, I also started a Tumblr with my art and some screens. Check it out! Thanks, all! tumblr


(Mar. 18, 2013) - Iconoclasts PC Gamer Preview (and art)

There was a nice PC Gamer preview about Iconoclasts with nice impressions and more information about the game. Check it out online, now!

PC Gamer Preview

Some art:

kh th 20nov2012 th fantasyzone th m black th heroines th minananan th card rm th hulgre th hrrgh th chevy th


(Oct. 17, 2012) - Newer Iconoclasts Alpha and Trailer!

Back when I was in the Indie Royale bundle I included a newer alpha of Iconoclasts, here is basically that alpha but with whichever tweaks and fixes that part of the game has gotten since then! The alpha does however end earlier than the old one, for reasons of keeping some changed content still under wraps. But you get to see how it's improved, and I do want reports if there's trouble, like how some get crashes in level transitions.

Iconoclasts section

There's also a new trailer for this year! I guess having two already when the game's pretty far from done is weird, but it was a nice break from game development. I haven't entered IGF at the second of this posting, but I pretty much will. Now, enjoy the cheese held within this piece of video:


(Sep 1, 2012) - Noitu Love 2 Wiiware not happening.

Sorry for not being able to make this clear sooner, but yeah, Noitu Love 2 isn't being released for Wiiware. I think it had left most people's minds now anyway!

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